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Positive Life Therapy

Hypnosis Re-imagined

Cool Headphones

What we do?

We produce high quality hypnosis tracks to help people with issues ranging from sleeping to weightloss.

So what makes us so different?

We have an eclectic team of enthusiasts from sound Engineers who ensure our sound quality is the best in the business. 

To our Psychologists, hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists and NLP Practitioners that provide the content that we have found is much more effective by drawing from this pool of individual experts.

Our tracks are different in the respect that we utilise the musical background to work with the ebb and flow of our voices and we utilise a loud start as opposed to a soft start at times. We also employ binaural tones that you probably don't notice in the background, they help to drop people into a nice comfortable trance.

A Big Welcome

My name is Ewan Innes I am a Senior Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. I run Positive Life Therapy and very much enjoy providing the tracks that have been so popular. If you already listen to our tracks then it is most likely that I talk you to sleep most evenings.


The Sound Guru

Roderick McILwraith

This is our sound Engineer par excellence. He is the man who makes my voice sound like soft caramel and asks me to repeat a single line 50 times. He is a perfectionist that adds binaural tones and sound effects to our tracks. He incorporates our musical backgrounds and always provides us with a perfect product; to bring to our listeners. Roddy normally works with bands and singers. He is the secret ingredient to their success as he certainly is to ours.

you can find out more about Roddy at the link below.


The Visual Guru
David Stanley

This is our amazing Graphic Designer.

David has created all of our new, designs.

Throughout his extensive career he has collaborated with clients such as Disney, Texaco, Sainsburys, TCS, Marvel, Royal Navy, NHS, and many more. And we are lucky he is helping Positive Life Therapy in his spare time.

If you're looking for a design partner who can deliver on any creative output, from animations to brand redesigns, from printed brochures to website design, from exhibition stands to social media adverts and lots more besides then please get in touch, David can transform your design ideas into reality.

Find David at


The Mascot


This is our mascot and glorious leader Mabel. Mabel is not our pet. She owns Mummy Elle and Daddy Garreth who both do exactly what she wants due to her hypnotic powers.

Mabel teaches us so much about the power of suggestion and distraction. She acts cute and as a result nobody realises that she is hand fed treats and getting constant cuddles and massages.

We are all fools to this animal.


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